Concerts · 2024/03/03
Work-in-progress! A new chamber opera for S.M.O.K. with music by Magnus Bunnskog and libretto by Anne Pajunen.

Renonans 2023, Piteå - ATEM duo
Concerts · 2023/11/28
Resonans festival 2023 in Piteå - ATEM duo performs "Duo for horn and trombone"

Korpen Skinnskatteberg - ATEM duo
Concerts · 2023/11/25
Korpen Skinnskatteberg - ATEM duo performs "Duo for horn and trombone"

Västerås Konserthus - ATEM duo
Concerts · 2023/11/16
Västerås Konserthus - ATEM duo performs "Duo for horn and trombone", Swedish premiere

Kalvfestivalen 2023
Concerts · 2023/08/13
Kalvfestivalen 2023: De ljudande husen i Kalv 8-12 aug - Flute quartet 40f performs Herztiers Wiegenlied.

ATEM-duo in Johannesburg
Concerts · 2023/05/29
Duo for horn and trombone performed in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Duo premiere @ BEAPS, Pretoria
Concerts · 2023/05/27
Duo for horn and trombone to be premiered in Pretoria, South Africa at BEAPS.

Media Artes
Concerts · 2023/05/06
Flute quartet 40f performs "Herztiers Wiegenlied" @ Media Artes 2023. Photo: Marsel Nichan.

On Orality, Writing And Compositional Practices in Relation to Text – Inter Arts Centre
Lectures · 2023/04/14
On April 13-14, this initiative will arrange a seminar in Malmö on how understanding from an artistic practice could inform method development in the arts and artistic research, as well as in other research fields. In this seminar the focus will be on orality, writing and compositional practices in relation to text. What learning outcomes are there from working with music and text ? What are the different strategies in writing for musical composition?

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