On Orality, Writing And Compositional Practices in Relation to Text – Inter Arts Centre

Location: Black Room, Inter Arts Center, Malmö


On April 13-14, the SNT (Sound, Narrative, Technology) initiative together with the Crocus research network at Lund University will arrange a seminar in Malmö on orality, writing and compositional practices in relation to text. The seminar explores how understanding from an artistic practice could inform method development in the arts and artistic research, as well as in other research fields. What learning outcomes are there from working with music and text? What are the different strategies in writing for musical composition?


Presenters: Robert Willim, Annika Nyman, Kent Olofsson, Tale Naess, Jörgen Dahlqvist, Tanja Hylling Diers, Vanja Hamadi Isacsson, Magnus Bunnskog, Sima Wolgast, Elisabeth Hjorth & Christine Owman


For participation in the seminar, please send an email to jorgen.dahlqvist@thm.lu.se or kent.olofsson@uniarts.se



Download the detailed programme here (PDF, 271 kB, new tab)

Thursday, April 13th

The presentations will be held in Swedish/Scandinavian

9:45–10:00   Introducing the SNT research initiative. Information of the Crocus research network.

10:00–10:50   Text and music in performance – aspects on the interplay between dramatic writing, acting and musical composition. Presenter: Kent Olofsson

11:10–12:00   The Augmented Hörspiel – Composed Theatre. Presenter: Magnus Bunnskog

13:00–13:50   Thinking in play. Presenter: Tale Næss

Lunch break

14:10–15:00   The compositional practice as a playwright. Presenter: Vanja Hamidi Isacson

15:30–16:30   Device Lectures – part discourse, part distortion. Presenter: Robert Willim

Artistic presentations & Seminar Bar:

18:30   Artistic Presentation: Egots vibrationer by Magnus Bunnskog

19:45   Artistic Presentation: Allt vad mina händer grävt upp. Text: Sima Wolgast & Elisabeth Hjorth. Music: Jörgen Dahlqvist & Sima Wolgast.Artistic Presentation: Fields of Unknowing with Robert Willim

21:00   Artistic Presentation: Karlskrona/Malmö by Jörgen Dahlqvist & Kent Olofsson

Friday, April 14th

10:00–10:50   Writing for a compositional practice. Presenter: Jörgen Dahlqvist

11:10–12:00   Letter-writing as method: Allt vad mina händer grävt upp. Presenter: Sima Wolgast & Elisabeth Hjorth

Lunch break

13:00–13:50   A Listening Dramaturgy. Presenter: Tanja Hylling Diers

14:10–15:00   Premises to Create – Investigating “Taste-Based” Biases and Creative Processes of Musicians: An Intervention Study. Presenter: Sima Wolgast & Christine Owman

15:00   Summing up


SNM (Sound, Narrative, Technology) is a network researching audio performance, dramatic writing, musical composition and hörspiel. Researchers, artists and experts within these disciplines meet to develop and deepen the fields that emerge at the intersection, and where the questions and problems take their starting point in narrative, artistic methods and content.


CROCUS is an interdisciplinary network interested in the cultural and creative industries. The network is based at Lund University and serves as a platform for education and research in the fields of culture and creativity.


Event dates

13 April, 09:00

14 April, 09:00