Ma2 @ TEGEN2

Gallery open: 5/3-21 until 28/3-21, every fir-sat-sun between 13:00-17:00.


Ma2 is an audiovisual work which deals with various aspects on 間, a spatial concept which roughly translated suggests intensification of visual perception through a “gap” or “negative space”.


The visual material represents two different slices in time. One part that was shot in 2021, and one part that was shot in 2000. During that time-lapse, the cells that make up the physical representation of the body are replaced by new cells in varying cycles, with and exception of the brain. And thus, they represent a gap between two non-static representations of existence. The many faces overlap each other in endless repetition and combinations, chanting the word “ma”without ever being heard by the spectator. 


The sound material appears continuously in endless, new combinations and positions in space and time, and consists of excerpts from the artist’s collected, private recordings of conversations, concert rehearsals and everyday life, with one common parameter: ma, understood as the gap – the leap – the transformation – the lost or found opportunity. A negative space. 


The first version of Ma was commissioned and premiered by Stockholm Music and Arts in 2016 at Audiorama. Ma2 is the second version of this installation work, made for Tegen2 in 2021.